The BonFIRE Foundation

The BonFIRE Foundation was established in December 2013 to operate the BonFIRE multi-site Cloud testing facility. The BonFIRE Foundation comprised members from world-leading industrial and academic partners, dedicated to continue to deliver services that enable developers to research new, faster, cheaper, or more flexible ways of running applications with new business models.
The BonFIRE broker IaaS+ solution allowed access to multiple cloud providers and test services. Since the BonFIRE Foundation establishment, we supported more than 20 organisations to test their software prototypes and validate their multi-Cloud application scenarios.

The BonFIRE Foundation ran the BonFIRE multi-site Cloud facility until May 2016 via two committees; one focusing on strategic development, and one dealing with the day-to-day operation of the facility.
BonFIRE Foundation Members
Josep Martrat

TMT Market Manager, Research & Innovation, Atos

Kostas Kavoussanakis

Project Manager, EPCC, The University of Edinburgh

Michael Boniface

Technical Director, IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton

David Margery

Technical Director for Grid'5000, Inria, Rennes

Bastian Koller

Manager of HLRS, University of Stuttgart

Tim Wauters

Project Manager, iMinds, Ghent University

Bartosz Belter

Head of Network R&D, Poznan Super Computing and Networking

BonFIRE Operations Members
David Garcia Perez

Functional Analyst, Research & Innovation, Atos

Gareth Francis

Systems Developer, EPCC, The University of Edinburgh

Vegard Engen

Senior Research Engineer, IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton
Julien Lefeuvre

R&D Engineer, Inria, Rennes

Michael Gienger

Head of Service Management & Business Processes Group, HLRS, University of Stuttgart
Gregory Van Seghbroeck

Senior Researcher, iMinds, Ghent University

PSNC Michał Giertych

Researcher, Poznan Super Computing and Networking Center