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1st Open Call Results

29 proposals were received from the 1st open call, from which 4 were selected for funding. The proposals were made by 32 organisations; 9 of which were  Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the remaining were universities or research  centres.  Over 50%  of the proposals came from the Internet of Services (IoS) community, the remainder  where  drawn  predominantly from across the rest of the Future Internet (FI) community.

TurboCloud (RedZinc and Cloudium Systems): This experiment  will investigate the combination of a server based desktop  virtualisation technology (Cloudium chipset) with dynamic virtual network path slicing (via a VPS controller) to deliver an inferencefree path across the Internet. The focus of this experiment is to exploit the network control at the Virtual Wall testbed in BonFIRE to  investigate user experience on multimedia applications.

VCOC: Virtual Clusters on Federated Cloud Sites (CESGA): This experiment aims to  utilise the graphically distributed testbeds in BonFIRE to investigate the impact of  virtual clusters on the Quality of Service (QoS) users may experience. The experiment will consider the implications of deploying a virtual cluster on a single site compared with multiple sites.

ExSec: Experimenting Scalability of Continuous Security Monitoring in BonFIRE (CETIC):  This experiment will leverage the results of two previous EC funded projects, namely GRIDTRUST (FP6) and RESERVOIR (FP7), to determine an empirically validated elasticity function for security monitoring. Experimentation in BonFIRE allows for rigorous scalability testing for applications requiring continuous monitoring in the cloud.

TEOS: Testing Optimisation in Service Ecosystems (University of Manchester): This experiment will investigate two approaches for optimising  the composition of services; global optimisation based on the end-to-end interactions of services and local optimisation based on a dynamic agent based ecosystem model that creates emergent service chains. To investigate of the two optimisation approaches, the experiment will utilise the heterogeneous testbeds available in BonFIRE.