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What resources are available?

posted 26 Jan 2012, 09:22 by Vegard Engen   [ updated 18 Jun 2012, 07:26 by Michael Boniface ]

Experiments can be conducted utilizing combinations of compute, storage and networking resources from the following six, spatially separated domains in the UK, Belgium, Germany and France. The partners supplying the BonFIRE infrastructure are the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (EPCC), Hewlett-Packard Labs, United Kingdom (HP), Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, Belgium (IBBT), Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France (Inria) and Universität Stuttgart, Germany (USTUTT), Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre (PSNC). The capabilities of the sites are outlined in the figure below. Two types of infrastructure are considered for this second open call of BonFIRE, as follows:

  • Permanent infrastructure: hardware supplied by above mentioned partners, configured for BonFIRE and made available permanently;
  • On-request infrastructure: additional hardware that above mentioned partners are willing to supply and configure for BonFIRE on request, in order to provide extra capacity required by large-scale experiments.

The sites are connected between them through the public internet. Specialised networking provisions will be put in place between EPCC and PSNC to enable specific experimentation scenarios (click [here] for more information). These will involve the GEANT AutoBAHN service and the FEDERICA facility.

BonFIRE Infrastructure Details