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Who can apply for conducting Open Call experiments on BonFIRE?

posted 1 Feb 2012, 03:11 by Vegard Engen   [ updated 1 Feb 2012, 03:11 by Michael Boniface ]

The profile of organizations is both academics and companies active in the ‘service research’ domain that need to run experiments to further test,  consolidate or optimize their service platform, software services or tools that can be encapsulated in a set of VMs.

The rules of participation are the same as for any FP7 project.  We foresee to have typically one, maximum two participant organizations per experiment.

The activities to be carried out in the experiment related to this call are the following: 

  • Design an experiment and explain the motivation
  • Plan and deploy the concrete tests about the overall experiment on the BonFIRE infrastructure
  • Define the metrics and check monitoring data, preferably using the BonFIRE monitoring facilities
  • Support the rest of the technical activities in the project, by providing feedback about the use of the facility and proposing key strategic functionalities that would be interesting to include in the facility in future versions
  • Prepare a show case about the experiment that can be used for dissemination purposes
  • Report the necessary effort and costs according to FP7 rules and management practices requested by the Coordinator.
A general Gantt diagram for experiment is presented in Annex II of the call announcement. Each experiment can adapt the plan to their particular needs, although the time line and the structure of tasks will be synchronized across the selected experiments. The duration of a proposed experiment should be less than 12 months covering all phases. We expect that new partners join the BonFIRE consortium and start their activities in September 2012.