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BonFIRE architecture

The BonFIRE architecture has been designed to support experiments over multiple heterogeneous cloud testbeds with key functionalities such as monitoring at infrastructure and virtual machine level, experiment management with a single declarative experiment descriptor, elasticity, and resource management for deployment of application software over a variety of differently configured resources (compute, storage, and network).

The BonFIRE architecture has five layers and a set of cross cutting capabilities for monitoring and identity management.
  • a Portal
  • an Experiment Manager
  • a Resource Manager
  • an Enactor; and
  • a Testbed site layer
Each layer exposes its functionality via a set of APIs. The APIs of the lowest two layers, the Testbeds layer and the Enactor layer, can only be used by the layer above them. The APIs of the next two layers, the Experiment Manager and the Resource Manager, can be used by experimenters, agents acting on behalf of experimenters, and the layer above them.

For more details, see the online documentation.

BonFIRE Architecture

Figure 1: BonFIRE Architecture.