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Dynamic Service Landscape Orchestration for Internet of Services

The increasing trend of using the Internet as a business platform to conduct transactions is leading organizations to develop new applications that exploit such a trend. Cloud applications are the candidate models to develop these new kinds of solutions. However, cloud applications are more complex than traditional ones due to the cloud paradigm novelty and as a consequence it is more difficult to test them effectively. Software testing and quality management consume 30% - 50% of development a budget according to a recent survey [1]. Therefore, organizations that have high software quality requirements and expectations might struggle to perform adequate system, performance and security tests on such applications. The BonFIRE infrastructure can be a viable solution to this issue.

In this experiment we aim to define a Blueprint for cloud-based software testing based on business and technical criteria. On one hand BonFIRE will help to define such definition, and on the other hand the experiment will validate BonFIRE and provide feedback in order for BonFIRE to be a cloud-based software testing facility. The findings will be also fed back to the BonFIRE sustainability plan.

[1]    M-C. Ballou, "Improving Software Quality to Drive Business Agility", IDC Survey and White Paper (Sponsored by Coverity Inc.), 2008. Available online.