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MEDIAFIRE: Multi-Cloud Based Multimedia Services for SMEs

IN2 Search Interfaces Development ltd. is conducting an experiment which aims to assess from both a technical and business perspective the feasibility of deploying software services for the creative industries on the cloud. As such, we plan to take advantage of the multi-site cloud-based FIRE facility of BonFIRE in order to deploy, scale, validate and fine-tune our distributed multimedia management and publishing platform.

MEDIAFIRE is based on the results of the Research for SMEs project ‘IM3I – Immersive Multimedia Interfaces’ (http://im3i.in-two.com/). The main outcome of IM3I is a flexible framework for importing, analysing, annotating, searching and publishing multimedia documents and collections which consists of the following main components:
  • A service-oriented back-end for processing and accessing multimedia documents handling both individual raw files and also assets already annotated with textual descriptions.
  • A web-based authoring environment that allows easy publishing of multimedia collections and designing and deploying user interfaces by exposing repository functionality to the interface frontend.

Added-value of the BonFIRE infrastructure

Our experiment is targeting both the “Cloud with a controlled experimental network” scenario and the “Extended cloud with complex network implications” scenario. For both scenarios the most important feature of the BonFIRE facility is its simplified process for VM management and in-depth monitoring of experiments. Combined with the possibility to get support from the specialised team who deployed the facility, this allows us to carry out tests which we would otherwise not been able to set-up and run due to limited resources or lack of highly specialized network expertise. Apart from this, our experiment will also exploit the ability to experiment in a controlled network environment as well as in a more realistic scenario that still allows for bandwidth reservation and multi-site deployment.

Impact on the BonFIRE Project

By deploying the multimedia management application at the BonFIRE facility on a multi-site cloud, MEDIAFIRE will gain insights into how BonFIRE can accommodate realistic and computing intensive use case scenarios.  MEDIAFIRE will provide feedback about the use and the improvement of the BonFIRE facility, e.g. the VM and application metrics and key strategic functionalities to be included in future versions. Moreover, we will showcase and disseminate the BonFIRE facility using the MEDIAFIRE use cases.


Get the live pulse of the MEDIAFIRE by visiting: www.in-two.com/bonfire. There you can find the public documents, presentations and social media posts of the experiment as well as other related pieces of content. Everything about MEDIAFIRE in one place!