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Real time media distribution services are at the core of new and emerging network architectures such as Information Centric Networks, Social Media Networks etc. As such, they are required to operate at large scales under varying network conditions and user behaviours. P2P@Clouds will specify and execute research experiments that aim at orchestrating user resources and cloud resources (media servers) towards low cost and stable bandwidth provisioning. Our experiments have two objectives. The first is the accurate and dynamic monitoring of the upload bandwidth of participating users towards a stable P2P flow control algorithm suitable for real time applications. The second is the evaluation of a distributed network path selection algorithm that will exploit the redundancy of P2P towards efficient utilization of the available network resources. We aim here at the adaptation of media distribution services to the underlying network resources and traffic conditions.

P2P@Clouds results will facilitate other researchers and/or product developers that work in the same field. The substrate of our experiments consists of a P2P client and experimentation tools (Appendix A) which have already been developed in previous FIRE-related projects such as VITAL++ and published in prestigious scientific journals [1-5]. P2P@Clouds algorithms will be widely tested at large scale in a network controlled and geographically distributed topology capable of emulating real network conditions. BonFIRE’s infrastructure constitutes an ideal environment for our experiments as it provides a large scale testbed, monitoring tools for VMs and experimentation tools that will facilitate our work. As a by-product of our work we will develop experimentation control and monitoring tools that are going to be developed during P2P@Clouds. These will complement and/or extend the corresponding BonFIRE tools. These, together with the P2P related functionality will become available to third party experimenters and scientific community as standalone, open source and public libraries. Overall, P2P@Clouds aims at a combination of Scenarios 1 and 3 of the BonFIRE open call.