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An experiment that combines two complimentary technology platforms from two SMEs. One technology platform (Cloudium chipset) enables server-based desktop virtualisation. The other technology platform (VPS controller) enables dynamic virtual path slices to deliver a right of way across the internet without interference from unwanted traffic. Both technologies are in beta development stage. For the server-based desktop virtualisation to work satisfactorily and support cloud applications across the public internet a certain level of bandwidth guarantee is required especially for multimedia applications.

The hypothesis investigated for this experiment is that by combining virtual path slice technology with server-based desktop virtualisation a satisfactory user experience can be achieved especially where multimedia applications are used.

This experiment was conducted using the iMinds Virtual Wall facility. By establishing a dynamic virtual path slice and associated bandwidth as the application requires, and by varying background traffic load and network conditions in the context of multiple applications the robustness of a virtual path slice will be tested.