BonFIRE Concludes its Journey

posted 6 Apr 2016, 07:22 by Vegard Engen

Six years after the project kick-off, BonFIRE concludes its successful journey on 30 May 2016. In this period we have delivered impact consistently, breaking new ground in FIRE at the technical and sustainability fronts.

BonFIRE has hosted 46 Open Access experiments in this period, along-side experiments from Fed4FIRE and ECO2Clouds.

Read more in our final newsletter.

The BonFIRE Foundation

posted 27 May 2014, 00:58 by Vegard Engen

Information about the BonFIRE Foundation, which is runing the BonFIRE multi-site Cloud testbed, is now online!

Click [here] to read more.

BonFIRE @ FIA Athens

posted 18 Mar 2014, 01:53 by Vegard Engen

Future Internet Assembly logo
BonFIRE will have a presence at the Future Internet Assembly in Athens this year.

If you have any questions about what we do or how you can get access, you can find us in the booth area!

BonFIRE extended free access

posted 28 Jan 2014, 06:25 by Vegard Engen

Since the launch of the Open Access initiative in February 2013, we opened the door for anybody to apply for free access to the multi-site Cloud testbed developed in the BonFIRE project. This has been a huge success and contributed greatly to an excellent final year review by the EC in December 2013.

We are happy to announce that the core partners from the project are continuing to operate the services through the newly formed BonFIRE Foundation, and the Open Access initiative will continue to run!

If you have a need for a multi-site Cloud testbed offering you enhanced control and observability, as well as advanced features that are easy to use, apply for access now:

BonFIRE Experiment Case Studies

posted 27 Nov 2013, 11:18 by Vegard Engen

BonFIRE has just released public case studies of the 5 experiments accepted in the 2nd Open Call for funding in the BonFIRE Project. These experiments have been running on BonFIRE for approximately a year, and each case study presents the problems they came to BonFIRE with as well as their results and how BonFIRE helped them.

To read about the case studies, please go to our Scribd collection.

We also have new videos about three of the experiments on our YouTube channel - check them out below!

Two new sites available in Open Access!

posted 7 Nov 2013, 03:26 by Vegard Engen   [ updated 7 Nov 2013, 03:29 ]

With the recent update to BonFIRE, we are also excited to announce that two new sites are now available to you in our Open Access initiative: PSNC and WT.

PSNCThe Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre (PSNC) is an active research and development centre involved in numerous national and European projects in the field of networking, media, clouds and services. It is also responsible for the development and management of the national research & educational network (PIONIER) in Poland.

Wellness Telecom
Wellness Telecom is a young Information and Telecommunication Technologies SME located in Seville (Spain). It endeavors to offer innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies at national and international levels. Wellness Telecom's mains specialization areas are based on horizontal IT technologies applied to different action fields: Health, Smart City, Cloud, Energy, Environment, etc.

PSNC provides a testbed of up to 3 nodes where each platform consists of dual Intel Xeon E5645 (6 cores) CPUs with 1,2TB storage and 4x 1GbE connectivity. The internal network supports up to 10GbE links with the 1 GbE uplinks to the Internet. This is currently the only site in BonFIRE using KVM.

Wellness Telecom provides 8 dedicated nodes as permanent resources with a total pool of 120 GHz (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640 2.50 GHz 95W 6C/15MB Cache/DDR3 1333MHz). Each node has 8GB of RAM memory (DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM/PC3-12800/dual rank/1.35v) with a total of 3TB of storage capacity in the Storage Area Network (SAN). This is currently the only site in BonFIRE using VMWare.

BonFIRE Release 4.0.5

posted 6 Nov 2013, 01:16 by Vegard Engen

We are happy to announce that BonFIRE has been upgraded to version 4.0.5, which is a significant upgrade to our services and infrastructure.

Trial accounts

In addition to our already streamlined Open Access application process, BonFIRE now supports a much simpler, even faster process to get access to BonFIRE within a working day. Please tell your friends and colleagues about it:

New site, Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom is now on line. This new site offers a taste of production Clouds through the BonFIRE interfaces and expands BonFIRE's portfolio to include VMWare-based systems. Please read the user documentation page to familiarise yourself with the Wellness Telecom capabilities:

More capacity

HLRS has more than doubled its capacity to 344 cores. EPCC has also all but doubled its capacity to 176 cores. Combined with Inria's recent upgrade to 96 cores, BonFIRE is demonstrating its commitment to a continued service, past the end of the current project funding.

For more information please see the infrastructure documentation at


Inria and iMinds (be-ibbt) include the new COCOMA image, which allows you to perform controlled experiments of multi-tenant scenarios (effects of VMs co-located on the same physical machine). With COCOMA, you can generate COntrolled, COntentious and MAlicious pattern loads on the physical nodes where it is deployed, affecting resource such as CPU, RAM, disk and network. This allows you to study in a controlled and repeatable manner how this affects your own application.

Please read the COCOMA documentation for more information:

Scalable APIs

A new component caches resource collections behind the scenes, so as to accelerate such queries. This improves performance of your query. Also, because these collections use data from asynchronous site events rather than queries to the sites, site performance is also improved.

More experiment events

Starting from Release 4.0.5, the Experiment Message Queue includes events about user resources, which are generated by the sites. These provide more detailed, more accurate information about the resources than the previous (and still supported) events coming from the Resource Manager. They come in a new, advanced format, described in our user documentation:

ECO-metrics and Zabbix improvements

Courtesy of BonFIRE-based STREP ECO2Clouds, the sites at HLRS, Inria and EPCC now expose a new set of infrastructure metrics about energy consumption and the CO2 profile of this energy.

These, together with the new events, are available through Zabbix.

Numerous improvements have also taken place to improve the stability of Zabbix in our images, including upgrade to version 1.8.16 of Zabbix, the latest version that supports the same interface as currently exposed by BonFIRE.

Network functionality

# BonFIRE now supports VPN access to its resources. Instructions are available from our user documentation:

# We made it easier to use Unix tools for network impairment on all infrastructures. Just follow the following simple instructions:

# The Virtual Wall also allows to select the queue strategy. More

# EPCC now features an increased number of public IP addresses, along with removal of most of the restrictive firewall rules.


The Portal has been revamped to better present user and group experiments and give users control over refresh of the output. It also exploits the new caching mechanism for faster resource listings and better support of large experiments.

Experiment Manager

The new "aggregator" keyword simplifies initiating monitoring on managed

Also, the Experiment Descriptor now also supports the creation of persistent storage outside an experiment:

Known issues

We will be adding fixes and announcing updates to the following issues:

  - A recent upgrade of the network outside BonFIRE's control has affected the performance of the AutoBAHN service. We are working to address this issue with the UK NREN.

  - HP is not yet available due to delays in upgrading the systems.

  - The accounting service interface was found to be performing sub-optimally and is being worked on. Data are still being collected.

UNICO workshop programme ready

posted 30 Oct 2013, 10:02 by Vegard Engen

The CloudCom 2013 UNICO Workshop scheduled for Thursday, 5 December (8:30-12:00), which is held in conjunction with the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Services 2013.

Seven papers were accepted to the workshop (41.17% acceptance rate) and the programme is now online [here].

Android app to access BonFIRE

posted 30 Sept 2013, 07:28 by Vegard Engen

HLRS has released an Android mobile app to monitor and control BonFIRE experiments.
You can download the app from Google Play: !

The app provides information about:
  • Running experiments and status of resources
  • ONE-host status (if offered)
  • Quotas of the experiment group
The app offers the ability to:
  • Create experiments and resources
  • Create a managed experiment using JSON descriptors
  • Control running resources (shut down for instance)

COCOMA sneak preview

posted 5 Sept 2013, 07:16 by Vegard Engen

The next release of BonFIRE is around the corner, which will bring you new features and improvements to the existing services. You can already get a sneak preview of one of the new features by visiting the front page of the BonFIRE website, called COCOMA. This is a framework for COntrolled COntentious and MAlicious patterns, which is a real asset to controlled experimentation with multi-tenant systems. For more information, also see the the slides and paper from the 2nd International Workshop on Measurement-based Experimental Research, Methodology and Tools, FIA 2013.

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