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BonFIRE 2.0 released

posted 1 Mar 2012, 09:05 by Vegard Engen
BonFIRE version 2.0 has been released, which is the result of many months hard work to bring many new features and improvements to the experimenters in BonFIRE. The main additions of this release are:

Infrastructure monitoring

Release 1 of BonFIRE supported monitoring of VMs, including application level monitoring specified by the experimenters. Now, experimenters can also get monitoring metrics from the physical infrastructure that the experiment VMs are running on!

New Portal interface

The BonFIRE Web Portal has undergone significant changes, giving a greatly improved user experience.

The portal incorporates all the new features introduced in release 2, such as supporting managed experiments (as per experiment descriptors) and easy access to monitoring information.

Experiment Descriptor

BonFIRE now supports experimenters with experiment descriptors, which make life a lot easier to define and deploy an experiment. We now also support user specifiable near-end-of-experiment triggers to run scripts to e.g archive data.

This is ideal for defining large experiments, sharing experiment deployments with colleagues and repeating experiments. To find out more, click [here].

Extended OCCI and BonFIRE API functionality

BonFIRE promotes open standards and continue to extend the support for functionality via OCCI and the BonFIRE API. In release 2, this includes, for example:

  • Support for Virtual Wall network QoS parameters through OCCI
  • Extended specification of metric parameters through OCCI
  • Monitoring API available via the BonFIRE Broker
  • Improved OCCI error handling