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BonFIRE 3.1.1 Released

posted 26 Mar 2013, 07:52 by Vegard Engen
Several major networking features are introduced to BonFIRE in this release: interconnection to AutoBAHN and Federica, as described below, and a private IP infrastructure at HP Cells, which means experimenters can scale up further on this site!

AutoBAHN Interconnection

Experimenters in BonFIRE are now equipped with Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) functionality that offers QoS-guaranteed network services. This service is available between the EPCC and PSNC sites. To find out more about how this service can be used in BonFIRE, please visit our user documentation:

FEDERICA Interconnection

BonFIRE has now interconnected with FEDERICA (, which provides user defined routing and allows experimenters to create specific network configurations comprised of virtual routers.  As with the AutoBAHN interconnection, FEDERICA network slices are available to experiments using the EPCC and PSNC sites. For more information, please visit our user documentation: