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BonFIRE 3.1 Released

posted 30 Jan 2013, 03:33 by Vegard Engen
BonFIRE version 3.1 has been released, bringing many new features and improvements to the experimenters of BonFIRE. The main additions to this release and highlights for the next release are described below.

Amazon Interconnection

In order to provide more compute resources, BonFIRE interconnects with Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing. Please check the documentation page for more information.


The accounting service allows experimenters to track what resources were utilized by a particular experiment. Users can use a REST interface to get access to raw accounting data for each of their experiments.  Please visit the documentation page for more information.

Improved Elasticity as a Service

Since release 3,  BonFIRE allows experimenters to increase or decrease the number of VMs in an experiment at run-time, based on user-defined rules. Release 3.1 offers cross-site Elasticity as a Service and it is now supported from the Experiment Manager. Our document explains how to use these features:

Improved Groups Functionality

BonFIRE provides groups functionality. All BonFIRE resources belong to a group. Resources linked to a group can be seen, managed and used by all
members of that group; also the SSH public keys of all users in the group are automatically propagated to the group VMs on resource creation. This
allows for resource sharing between members of the same group. Our documentation describes how groups are handled:

Cells and OpenNebula upgrades

Numerous stability upgrades have been applied to the OpenNebula and HP Cells sites. Of particular importance to experimenters is the extended IP range for sites; please check the user documentation and update your SSH configuration scripts:

Support for Open Access

The BonFIRE project supports Open Access, where the facility  is opened to external experiments not funded by the project.  Each request for access is evaluated on a case-by-case basis considering  business, infrastructure, quality and coverage impact criteria. Contractual agreements will be established between parties as necessary. The official opening of the scheme will be announced soon.

Coming Soon

Although we strived to do so, we have not been able to release AutoBAHN and Federica as planned for this release. Development is complete, but we are working on some technical issues, some of which outside our control (cross-site networking), that we have not been able to resolve. We will provide this functionality as soon as it is ready. We apologise for this delay.

AutoBAHN Interconnection

To support bandwidth-on-demand (BoD) functionality and to offer QoS-guaranteed network services to network-aware experiments, BonFIRE will interconnect with the GÉANT Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogeneous Networks (AutoBAHN) facility.

FEDERICA Interconnection

BonFIRE will interconnect with FEDERICA (, which provides user defined routing and allows experimenters to create specific network configuration comprised of virtual routers.