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FIRE Engineering Workshop 6-7 November 2012, Ghent, Belgium

posted 31 Oct 2012, 02:56 by gyuri papay   [ updated 5 Nov 2012, 00:53 ]

The Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) Initiative organises a workshop in Ghent on the 6-7 November. The focus of the FIRE research workshop is on the experimentally driven research dimension of FIRE and in particular, to improve the visibility and the involvement of the experimental-driven FIRE projects as well as increase researcher attendance and their active participation on FIRE events and workshops. BonFIRE will have a strong presence on this venue. We have got five papers accepted for this workshop, program details can be found here :

1. Konstantinos Kavoussanakis and Alastair Hume (EPCC): "BonFIRE:Testbeds for Services Experimentation"

2. David García Pérez (ATOS Spain), Konstantinos Kavoussanakis (EPCC), Celia Velayos López, Jordi Jofre (i2cat) and Giada Landi (NextWorks): "Cloud and Network facilities interconnection on BonFIRE"

3. Gregory Van Seghbroeck, Tim Wauters, Filip De Turck and Piet Demeester (IBBT): "Emulated networks for clouds in BonFIRE"

4. Andres Gomez, Luis M. Carril, Raul Valin, Jose Carlos Mouriño and Carmen Cotelo (CESGA): "Experimenting Virtual Clusters on distributed Cloud environments using BonFIRE"

5. Usman Wajid and Cesar Marin (University of Manchester): "Testing Service Composition Approaches in Service Ecosystems as Future Internet Scenario"

Also, the following papers are associated with BonFIRE:

1. Piet Demeester (iMinds): "Federation for FIRE (Fed4FIRE)"

2. Julia Wells (ATOS Spain): "Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Cloud Sourcing (ECO2Clouds)"

3. Donal Morris (RedZinc): "OpenFlow Experiment to explore control plane with a large number of dynamic invocations (CityFlow)"

4. Nikolaos Efthymiopoulos, Athanasios Christakidis, Loris Corazza, Spyros Denazis and Odysseas Koufopavlou: "P2P@Clouds – Converging P2P with clouds   towards advanced real time media distribution architectures"

5. Fabio Farina, Mauro Campanella and Simon Vocella (GARR): "Synergies and support among FIRE experiments. The FEDERICA experience with NOVI, CONFINE and BonFIRE"

 Also, during the event, the final review of our 1st Open Call Experiments will take place.

 Look out for BonFIRE in Ghent!