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Results of second open call for funding

posted 12 Sept 2012, 03:24 by Julia W   [ updated 12 Sept 2012, 03:47 ]
Through the second open call, BonFIRE sought for Testing Experiments wanting to trial on the Cloud software prototypes or  results of services R&D Internet of Services projects. The selected experiments should exploit the unique features of BonFIRE facility within one or more of the three usage scenarios. Experiments propose innovative usage scenarios exploiting the multiple dimensions and scale of the facility.

Furthermore, as part of the Open Call, the project also sought a Cloud provider to become a BonFIRE federated site and to enable the deployment of experiments. The profile of the company we were looking to engage with is a private/public cloud infrastructure provider with access to their own platform and the ability to support the creation of a new BonFIRE testbed on its infrastructure.


The BonFIRE second open call for funding has concluded with the selection of an additional five experiments and one cloud provider, which start participation in BonFIRE from 1st September 2012. The selected experiments are SILICON (ICCS, National Technical University of Athens); HOPBOP (Televes SA); KOPFIRE  (MTA SZTAKI); MediaFIRE (IN2); and P2P@Clouds (University of Patras).

The selected Cloud Provider is Wellness Telecom.