Frustrated with black-box computation? Constrained by the size of your experimentation cluster? Need to control the conditions of your application? Let BonFIRE help!

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Following two successful Open Calls that have given academic researchers, developers and SMEs access to the Cloud infrastructures in BonFIRE, we launched the Open Access initiative to give more people the opportunity to get involved and test innovative ideas for free!

In Open Access, you will have access to a multi-site Cloud facility for applications, services and systems experimentation:
  • Large-scale, heterogeneous and virtualised compute, storage and networking resources
  • Full control of your resource deployment
  • In-depth monitoring and logging of physical and virtual resources
  • Advanced Cloud and network features
  • Ease of use of experimentation
BonFIRE allows users to evaluate the effects of converged service and network infrastructures; assess the socio-economic impact of new Cloud services; and to combine Cloud computing and data storage with novel networking scenarios. Essentially, BonFIRE enables developers to research new, faster, cheaper or more flexible ways of running applications.

For more information about what BonFIRE offers, please see our services and infrastructure pages!

Previous Experiments

The Open Access initiative has already been hugely successful, supporting over 20 organisations in running novel experiments on BonFIRE to test software prototypes and validating multi-Cloud application scenarios!  For example, see the video below for the TurboCloud experiment, which was conducted by two SMEs, RedZink and Cloudium Systems, utilising the controlled networking features in BonFIRE to validate and tune their products for new business models.

BonFIRE has previously funded innovative Cloud and Internet of Service experiments through two Open Calls. Each call had a particular focus and successful applicants became members of the BonFIRE consortium. For more information about these Open Calls, see the 1st Open Call Results and the 2nd Open Call Results.

To find out more about past and current experiment in BonFIRE see our experiments page!

Proposing an experiment

Getting access to BonFIRE is a quick and simple process.

First, just spend a bit of time looking at which sites you want access to and how many resources you need. See our online documentation for details.

Then download [this] experiment proposal template and fill in your details, and submit with our experiment proposal form [here].

Want a quick trial?

If you're not sure what BonFIRE can offer you, we can give you a 7-day trial to allow you a test-drive.

Just download [this] document template, fill in your name and email and submit with our trial application form [here].

What's on offer?

Currently, you can apply for peak usage of up to 50 cores and 250GB of storage for a period up to 4 months. You can request access to any of our sites.

The BonFIRE terms and conditions, and those of the local sites, are available online: www.bonfire-project.eu/involved/terms