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Usage scenarios

BonFIRE supports experiments exploring the interactions between novel service and network infrastructures. Three initial scenarios have been defined to highlight the general classes of experiment that can be supported by the facility. The scenarios include:

  • Extended cloud scenario: the extension of current cloud offerings towards a federated facility with heterogeneous virtualized resources and best-effort Internet interconnectivity.
  • Cloud with emulated network implications: a controlled network environment by providing an experimental network emulation platform to service developers, where topology configuration and resource usage is under full control of the experimental researcher.
  • Extended cloud with complex physical network implications: investigates federation mechanisms for an experimental cloud system that interconnects individual BonFIRE sites with Federica, Open Cirrus and Panlab.

Please follow the links for each scenario for more details. The first scenario offers the most basic facilities, and scenarios 2 and 3 extend the capabilities. The scenarios are the starting point for BonFIRE in terms of detailing some of the enabling technology which will be used in the first implementations of the testbed.